Welcome to the MUSIC Lab

The Mobile Systems & Intelligent Communication Lab (Music Lab) is part of the Computer Science Department at Virginia Commonwealth University. Music Lab is the home to the system research group led by Professor Tamer Nadeem.

The Music Lab conducts studies on wireless networking and mobile computing for a variety of systems, including current smart devices, next generation infra-structured wireless local area, cognitive networks, cloud computing, intelligent transportation systems, smart health systems, and cyber physical systems.

This site contains information on Music Lab and the related research projects conducted in the lab. It is also a portal for software created by the lab participants, data sets collected in the Internet, and events related to Music Lab activities.


Audio-WiFi Project implementing the Audio-WiFi framework.


BlueEye, a location identification system to estimate vehicles queue length at signalized intersections.


CHKD Project :An automated tool to create spaghetti diagrams of movements of personnel in a non-intrusive way is the problem we are reporting in this paper.


MagnoTri Project :In this project we present the design and the evaluation of a framework MagnoTricorder, a system that utilizes the magnetic sensor in smartphones to detect the running devices at home thru a singlepoint sensing.


meSDN Project :We argue that the SDN framework needs to be extended to the client devices to realize services such as WLAN virtualization with end-to-end QoS, and we propose a framework called msSDN


BOSS:A Flexible and Extensible Bluetooth Research Platform